Creativity.  We’re all creative in our own way, right?  I think I got mine from my father, who was a career artist, painting scenes of the old west from his home studio in Phoenix, Arizona.  I recall a visit to see him when I was fifteen years old.  He took me to the desert, and showed me how to use a tripod and the bulb setting on my first 35 mm camera to shoot saguaros against the backdrop of one of those iconic Arizona sunsets.  We captured beautiful pictures together that night, and I’ve been interested in photography ever since.  I love the desert, and visit as often as I am able.

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, I took a job in the pre-press industry.  During my twenty years in pre-press, I learned a great deal about commercial color, product/swatch matching, photography and retouching in the world of print catalog production.  Once Photoshop entered my bloodstream, I knew that I had found another avenue to explore my creativity.  And it is through Photoshop that I possess very strong digital retouching, composition and photo illustration skills.  Like my father’s reputation for painting incredible realism into his artwork, my clients recognize and appreciate my passion for perfection with regards to creating realistic images and illustrations from multiple photographic and vector components.

I currently live and work as a freelance digital artist in St. Louis, Missouri, offering graphic arts services to advertising and marketing agencies and commercial photographers in the St. Louis area and beyond.  I’ve worked with St. Louis’ largest and most well known agencies and commercial photographers.  I also serve as Retouching Specialist for the eCommerce division of New Balance Athletic Shoe Co.  I bring passion, creativity, dedication and an eye for detail to every project I am awarded.  In my leisure time, I enjoy hiking, exercise and being behind the camera.