Greg is an invaluable resource to our team of Web Designers. His professional attitude and thorough execution of projects make him an ideal creative teammate. He has a stunning ability to clean, correct and enhance photos to a highly accurate and attractive state in minimal time and provides options and suggestions for each deliverable. It is truly a pleasure to see what magic he has performed on the images I submit to him for retouching!
Rita Moore

Senior Web Designer, New Balance Athletic Shoe Co.

Greg is a valuable image finishing resource for our firm. We can count on him for last minute retouching jobs, or bring him in on the planning stages for complex projects to insure that images are sourced or created that will best deliver the final result we’re looking for. He understands the entire production process, is an image expert in every sense of the word, and most importantly, he is 100% reliable and a joy to work with.
Paul Boston

Principal/Creative Director, Boston Creative

Greg’s talent and skills are invaluable to me. I have worked with other digital artists in the past, but none have equaled his attention to detail. I am so grateful to have found someone so reliable as well. It means everything in the fast-paced world of publishing.
Randi Vincent

Art Director, tED Magazine

Greg is an outstanding digital artist. He takes what you think already looks great, and makes it exceptional! He was a driving force in helping make our award-winning CBH campaign look beautiful.
Tabitha Brett

Graphic Designer

Greg has the unique and powerful combination of creativity, mastery of his craft and excellent organizational skills that made him a leader in our organization. He is great with clients and a team player committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Greg’s retouching skills are truly amazing — always producing “realistic” imagery.
Ken Trammel

Digital Architect, Enterprise Holdings

Greg always provides outstanding and beautiful work. And, provides it within our always tight deadlines! Thank you Greg!
Shari Bussmann

Partner, Paul Bussmann Design

Greg is a pleasure to work with. He consistently brings a high level of creativity and technical expertise to every project. His attention to detail and reliability are invaluable to the kind of work we do. Highly recommended!
Marcia Dajches

Production Manager/Print Buyer, Switch, Production Ink

Greg’s a Photoshop guru. He’s a craftsman whose skill is unequaled. His attention to detail under tight deadlines made him a treasured asset on our team.
Angie Trammel

VP Online Services, E-Data Solutions, Inc.